Platform Bed Styles

The Platform bed is available in many design styles from modern to contemporary. Usually a platform bed has the option of using a mattress alone instead of a mattress and boxspring.

Over 100 Platform Bed Styles On Sale Now

Modern Platform Bed Modern Platform Bed
Modern platform bed styles use only a mattress and often come with a headboard made of wood, leather or fabric.
Upholstered Platform Bed Upholstered Platform Bed
Upholstered platform bed choices are increasingly popular due to a wider variety of styles and the ease of care found in modern upholstery.
Asian Platform Bed Asian Platform Bed
Asian platform bed motifs vary widely but are generally low to the ground and incorporate decorative joinery and simplicity.
Mahogany Platform Bed Mahogany Platform Bed
Mahogany platform bed construction is very durable and incorporates the beauty of the natural grain found in Mahogany.
Leather Platform Bed Leather Platform Bed
Leather platform bed styles generally have leather headboards but occasionally have even upholstered leather perimeter rails.
American Platform Bed American Platform Bed
American platform bed designs are usually slightly higher off the ground than Asian or European designs.
American Wood Platform Bed American Wood Platform Bed
American wood platform beds can be made of high quality American Cherry or Maple. Alder or Pine are used on low quality versions.
Wood Platform Bed Wood Platform Bed
Wood platform bed materials may be solid Mahogany, Cherry or less desirable materials like plywoods or MDF on cheaper models.
Metal Platform Bed Metal Platform Bed
Metal platform bed designs can incorporate metal, wood or leather and fabrics into the design. Often a metal platform bed will have a metal base but the headboard will be wood. Metal platform beds are extremely durable.
Platform Bed Designs Platform Bed Designs
Platform bed designs can be simple or complex original designs or are frequently inspired by Asian or European design.
Cherry Platform Bed Cherry Platform Bed
Cherry platform bed popularity has also risen due to the inherent beauty, durability and quality of Cherry. Platform beds made of Cherry can be slighty more expensive due to the demand for this classic cabinetmakers time tested wood.
Affordable Platform Bed Affordable Platform Bed
An affordable platform bed can be found in either wood or metal or a combination of both. Affordable platform beds save you money by not requiring a boxspring which can be as expensive as a mattress

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